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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

We have all experienced turbulence on flights. Typically, the worst you might expect from it is a queasy stomach. But for passengers on a recent flight, turbluence turned so severe it resulted in injuries, reminding us all of the importance of international flight insurance.

The flight in question occurred last week in the United States. The cross-country flight left Washington D.C. and was en route to Los Angeles, when it experienced severe turbulence while flying over Missouri. 21 people were injured on that flight, and according to a recent USA Today article, 88% of injuries on flights last year were caused by turbulence.

So do not be so naive as to think that because the odds of a plane crash are low, you do not need an international flight insurance plan. The truth is, airline injuries are more common than you may realize,, and something as simple as turbulence can cause them.

Your flight insurance policy will help minimize the cost of any medical fees you incur while injured during a flight. This can be the difference between spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in healthcare bills or spending a mere fraction of that. Do not take a chance the next time you take off; make sure you are covered across the friendly - and unfriendly - skies.

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