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  • Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New security measures announced by the United States this week will be of particular interest to international travelers. These new policies will affect the screening process for incoming international passengers, so world travelers will want to familiarize themselves with the new process before setting their travel plans.

New criteria is being used to determine what passengers will be subject to additional security screening measures. These new criteria replace an older version that was thought to be less effective than what was needed to assure travelers' security.

Additional intelligence about passengers will now be used, likely allowing for less additional screening. However the screening should be better targeted and likely to better identify true security risks, according to the government.

International travelers visiting the U.S. should pay careful attention to these policy revisions, as they could increase or decrease their chances of being subjected to additional screenings. While the practice of additional screenings may be uncomfortable and sometimes controversial, they seem to be an unfortunate necessary effect of the current global political landscape.

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