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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Volcano Again Stalls Flights - Don’t Forget Your International Travel Insurance

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Just when international flights to and from Europe seemed to have settled back down, a resurgence of the volcano in Iceland has once again stalled flights out of Europe. This incident reminds us that because we can never predict international travel volatility, it is always a good idea to protect your investment with international travel insurance.

The expulsion of volcanic ash up to as much as 20,000 feet in the air has wreaked havoc on European air schedules. Airports in Scotland, Spain, and Italy have all been closed for safety precautions.

Many travelers had assumed that the mass shutdown of airspace a few weeks back was the worst this situation would bring, and that they could now travel safely. But those same travelers are now stuck with travel uncertainty and potentially very expensive fees if they need to re-book cancelled accommodations and bookings.

International travel insurance comes to the traveler's rescue in just these situations, offering reimbursement for expenses caused by cancellations, delays, missed connections, and even costs driven by lost luggage. For a small upfront fee, travelers can assure themselves that while these unforeseen incidents may present an inconvenience, they won't also generate financial problems.

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