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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, 200 years ago, we the people, have been living in a way that puts pressure on Earth’s natural resources. Driving everywhere in our own cars, flying often, using stacks of plastic bags and leaving lights on everywhere we went. The planet after years if neglect and thoughtlessness, is in a bad shape as a result. The measure of the ills that we do to our planet is measured through carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the measure of the impact an individual has on the environment through the emission of greenhouse gases.

There is so much we can do in our own small way to reduce our carbon footprint on earth. Are we ignoring the fact that making small concessions is only helping us lead a healthier life in a less polluted environment?

Did you know that approximately $1200 million worth of energy is wasted every year by TVs, stereos, laptops and other electrical appliances left on standby? This releases 4 million tones of carbon dioxide.

It may be a relief for you to know that dishwashers and washing machines are actually a lot better on the environment than washing up the clothes and utensils by hand under running water. Infact don’t pre-rinse the crockery under a running tap , instead just scrape the food scraps after a meal and load it in the dishwasher.

The distance food travels to your plate is measured in food miles. Food transport adds to the carbon dioxide emissions that are contributing to global warming. The catch here is that the further food travels the less fresh it is. It loses vitamins and its nutritional value decreases. It is healthy and less polluting to walk up to the close by local store to buy the groceries rather than drive down to a supermarket which would have heavily packaged food items from all over the world. Remember to carry your own bags and not bring home lots of plastic.

This is but a small glimpse of how we can help ourselves. Do take a minute and rethink the way we have been going about our daily routine and be assured that Earth will keep you happier for longer time. 

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