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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

How many times does it happen? We make a million plans for the trip, take every document, book hotels, arrange rental cars, plan every single place we have to visit and anticipate a great time on that long-awaited trip - and on reaching the destination airport, our bags are nowhere to be found on that carousel. Down come all the plans crashing amidst the reality of the situation.

Did the baggage get left behind? Was it accidentally sent to another country - a few thousand miles away? Was the new camera in that bag? When, if ever, are we going to get that bag back? What if it's just lost, never to be found again? Lots of questions. Enter international travel insurance dealing with trip cancellation having a lost baggage coverage.

This kind of insurance will reimburse loss of baggage up to $2500 (which includes the cost of certain declared items in the baggage). Usually, lost baggage insurance is a complimentary benefit of a trip cancellation insurance, but it is always safe to verify that such is actually the case.

With more and more international flights being booked everyday, there are bound to be manual errors by the airline staff. It is best to stay covered for such an event, along with the medical coverage of a international health insurance.

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