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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

Casual and Passionate soccer fans alike look forward to the World Cup every four years. The event is not only a showcase of great soccer, but also an exciting cultural event. However, this year's location in South Africa is drawing concern already from fans and journalists. If you are visiting the World Cup at any point over the next few weeks, be sure to come prepared with international travel insurance.

While the host city of Johannesburg compares favorably with some of the world's most renowned cities, many of the surrounding areas are dangerous. And while there are certain measures you can take to avoid dangerous areas, even the most seasoned travelers can get lost.

In additional to the potential of injury from area criminals, overzealous fans can also cause injuries, as seen over this past weekend. A free preliminary match resulted in a stampede that injured several people. Imagine being caught in a situation like that and NOT having access to quality health care at an affordable price.

Hopefully nothing happens during your trip to this great event, but you'll want to be adequately prepared just in case. Having fast and easy access to great doctors, and keeping charges for care to a minimum are two priorities in this scenario. International travel insurance will help you in both of these areas, and it does so at an affordable price.

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