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Yacht crews travelling around the world find it a challenge to find suitable yacht crew health insurance to cover them during their trips. The unique demands of travelling from place to place can sometimes prevent yacht crews from getting the comprehensive yacht crew insurance they need. What marine and yacht crews need is a portable, comprehensive marine crew health insurance plan that offers flexibility and benefits unique to the marine industry. Marine crews may require short term or long term marine crew insurance depending on the duration of their assignment.


International Health Insurance - Long Term
International Medical Insurance - Short Term

Marine Crew Insurance – Short Term

If a crew member needs medical coverage for a short assignment (5 days to 2 years) and does not need coverage in the home country a Short Term Marine Crew Insurance is an excellent choice. These plans offer immediate coverage and cover any unexpected illnesses or injuries during the stay abroad.

Short term marine crew health insurance can cover doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, surgery related to a covered sickness or injury. The plans also include medical evacuation and repatriation in the event the crew member needs to be evacuated to a nearby hospital. Additional optional sports coverage can be purchased to cover hazardous sports activities normally excluded from coverage.

Yacht Crew Health Insurance – Long Term

For yacht crew members embarking on long assignments the long term yacht crew health insurance plans offer global coverage with comprehensive benefits. These plans can offer coverage all over the world including the home country of the crew member. This is ideally suited for members who make trips back to their home country and require coverage there.

Long term yacht crew insurance plans cover medical expenses related to sicknesses and injuries. Some also offer preventive care, maternity coverage and pre existing condition coverage. These are annual plans and can be renewed as long as the crew member is eligible for the plan.

Marine Crew Health Insurance – Enrollment

Short term marine crew health insurance plans are available for purchase online using a credit card and the confirmation of coverage is available instantly. No medical tests and results are necessary.

Long term marine crew insurance plans are also available online. They require the applicant to complete a health questionnaire and submit results of a recent physical. Once coverage is approved coverage can begin immediately.

Yacht Crew Insurance – Plans

Global Crew Medical Insurance is a comprehensive long term marine crew insurance plan offering benefits tailored to meet the needs of marine crew worldwide.

The Reside Blue plan is another popular long term plan among marine crew. All applicants must be currently or usually employed aboard a sea going vessel.

Global Navigator Marine Crew Insurance is available both as an individual and group long term plan for yacht crews.  The plan offers worldwide health insurance for marine crews. There are no limits on time spent in or out of the US.

Marine Yacht Crew

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