International Medical Insurance

International Medical Insurance is essential when you plan to spend time outside your country of citizenship or home country. When travelling, either for business or pleasure, a medical emergency can happen which your current medical plan may or may not cover. The US department of State recommends that you purchase International Medical Insurance for trips abroad as medicare and medicaid will not cover you on International trips.

International Health Insurance - Long Term
International Medical Insurance - Short Term

International Travel Medical Insurance

There are 2 broad classes of International Travel Medical Insurance Plans. If you only need coverage outside your country of citizenship or home country for trips ranging from 5 days to 24 months Short Term International Medical insurance plans can meet your needs. These plans cover doctor visits, prescriptions, surgery, hospitalization for sicknesses and Injuries. Coverage can begin immediately for online purchases. Medical tests and medical questionnaires are not required to obtain coverage. If you are looking for Global Coverage including your country of citizenship you can consider the Long Term International Health insurance plans. They are suitable for people planning to live abroad for atleast 1 year. Coverage is available to those who meet the guidelines set by Medical underwriting (Results from the most recent physical may be required). Apart from the usual benefits Preventive care and maternity benefits are available in some plans.



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