International Travel Health Insurance

International travel health insurance can eliminate the risk of any sudden and unexpected expenses during a trip abroad as it offers injury and illness coverage. International travel health insurance provides worldwide coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization,intensive care, surgery due to an injury or sickness which first manifests itself during the trip. International travel health insurance offers coverage for prescription drugs too.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
International Medical Insurance - Short Term

Insurance for International travel

Insurance for International travel offers coverage underwritten by companies with excellent A.M. rating like Llyods, Sirius International, AIG and Nationwide. In the US, most plans follow a PPO network offering cashless billing. Insurance for International travel can be bought online by completing a simple form prior to or after the start of the travel. International travel insurance offers various plans with a wide range of deductibles (US$0 to US $2500 for short term policies and US $0 to US$10,000 for long term policies) and policy maximums(up to US $1 million for short term or $8 million for long term) depending on the desired level of coverage as well as the duration for which coverage is required.



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